The purpose of earthen vessels is four-fold:

First,  it's a window into our everyday lives for friends and family who want to stay in touch with us even though we are far away.   (Hi friends and family!!)

Secondly,  it's an opportunity for us to dispel some of the mystery connected with living in a foreign country.  Our hope is that as you get a glimpse of both the ordinary and the unusual in an expat family's life, the view just might give one or two of you the assurance that  if WE can do this, you could too.  

It might be the perspective someone needs to decide to invest their life in a similar sort of service.  How exciting is THAT!??

Thirdly, this blog is a sort of family scrapbook - it preserves memories that we otherwise would forget.

And finally,  this blog is a place of accountability for me; a place to remind myself to glorify God and to enjoy Him in all circumstances!

And YOU friend, reading this blog right now, are one of those to whom I'm accountable, since I want to make sure to encourage you to glorify God and enjoy Him as well. You have my deepest thanks for working to help keep me in line...just by visiting! 

I do hope you'll come back often.
by grace alone,