Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trike Ride


One of the several ways to get around here is by 'trike.' 
Sort of a mini-taxi built from a small motorcycle (100cc) with a sidecar/cabin attached. 



Our family of 5 could squeeze in, but we've seen them with far more people! 



Cost was about 50 cents for all of us to go to market (price negotiable). 
They don't have much excess power and slow WAY down when going uphill.


Rosalie said...

That is so funny!

Candace S. said...

That is soo great that you guys are having a good time! I love you so much and I'm praying for you! Love Candace S.

Lori said...

This reminds me of things we saw in Korea. Keep smiling. What a GREAT adventure!!!