Friday, July 15, 2011

village moments

Our trip to the nearby S.E. Asian island in June was so full of new experiences...
we still have many photos to share! 

Traveling outside of one's own realm opens up so many doors for learning about this world of our Father's. 

"A man who has lived in many places is not likely to be deceived by the local errors of his native village;"
-C.S. Lewis

Please bear with us as we continue to reflect on time away from our "native village"...

the back-breaking labor of harvesting rice

had I been born in this country, this might have been me

instead we were observers, learners in a foreign place

fed by women who labored endlessly to provide meals

cooking everything over the hot fire

boiling everything, even the water, to keep us healthy

without the luxury of running water - all water came from the well

and the local grocery wasn't exactly a Super Walmart

Ibu prepares fish under the watchful eye of the cat
Leska and Melni

the dining area was filled with dogs every mealtime, ever hopeful
some of them were awfully cute

in an economy where fuel is costly, animal labor still makes sense
'take my yoke upon you' actually still has meaning in this village

and who wouldn't love a ride in a cart like this one?
a view of the laundry room.  give thanks for yours right now.

and the bathroom.  give thanks again.

this was our bathroom sink
this was the shower  
and this was the toilet flushing system.  give thanks one more time.
the climate was cool enough to enjoy cozy blankets

and the friendship warmed us, too

there were moments of pure fun (you're the best, Mark!)

silly dengue humor  (it's a dead mosquito in the Danger Zone)
and moments of awe

What a privilege to learn how others live; to be challenged to reconsider our own priorities and ways of life, to be challenged to live intentionally, thoughtfully, humbly in response.


Choate Family said...

Your pictures capture life in the village so well! Thanks for the reminders to be thankful for all we have.

us5 said...

thanks be to God for reminders to give Him thanks! ♥

Elysa said...

LOVE the cart pic the best but the toilet, sink, shower one(s) were funny --- and a good reminder.

Carl G. said...

Mark looks so much better with the beard! :-)

us5 said...

:lol: he'll be happy you approve, Carl. i like the beard too(he had one when we first met.)