Tuesday, October 16, 2012

then and now

Yesterday our family took a day-trip down memory lane
to Jekyll Island, a spot that we enjoyed so very much in years gone by.

Not only did we have a fabulous time soaking up all the beauty,
but we found so many happy memories there...
and we made even more to take home with us!
Years ago we started bicycling the island with three year-old Michael in tow behind us. (Top L)
This time we loaded up borrowed bicycles in a borrowed truck (thank you, Mr. and Mrs. V!)
and Michael was the one to unload them and pop the front wheels back on. (Top and bottom R)
We must have biked 15 miles yesterday.

We stopped at Driftwood Beach,
a mysterious graveyard of dead wood
that always held a fascination in younger years (Amy, 7 years old, top L)
and is still fun to explore today!
We just had to pause for a round of mini-golf, 
and we all agreed that it's more fun now than ever before.
(Even though Mark won, like usual...)
At low tide we went down to the beach,
looking for the sandbar we remembered that seemed to stretch out for miles.
It was still there.
And it's still gloriously beautiful.
Last but not least,
we paid a traditional visit to the Island Sweets Shoppe,
on the grounds of the breathtakingly lovely
for an ice cream cone before heading back home.

Very sweet memories!

... all our thanks to you, Mr. R. for the gift of this special day!


Judy said...

Fun to see all these old and new photos! Looks like a wonderful place to visit!

Carl G. said...


Beautiful Becker Feet said...

Love the before and after. Brings tears to my eyes, precious little Michael--it is a vision of my sons--growing so fast!

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that the best things in life are free. I would rather go biking on Jekyll Island than go to Disney World. Well, the SweetShoppe isn't free but you do need to restore the energy expended!

us5 said...

Michael's missing your sons, J! ♥

us5 said...

wish you could have biked Jekyll Island with us, Hank! :)