Thursday, November 22, 2012

bounty of thanks

 There's nothing quite like being in America
for this American holiday of Thanksgiving,
and we're excited to be able to enjoy again
an old Thanksgiving tradition
of celebrating it with dear friends.

There are certain foods which, in our family,
are essential to making it really Thanksgiving.
One of those is the pie.
Last year I shared my mom's amazing pie crust recipe.

Another essential Thanksgiving food is fresh, homemade rolls.
This year I'd like to share a bread dough recipe I've used for years 
that just might result in the easiest and best holiday rolls you've ever made.

Right in the nick of time to make some terrific leftover turkey sandwiches!

Yeasty Once-Rising Rolls

1 Tablespoon yeast
1 Tablespoon sugar
1/2 cup warm water
1/2 cup canola oil
2 c. buttermilk  
(or if you don't have buttermilk, just combine 2 Tablespoons of vinegar, plus enough milk to make 2 cups – let sit for a few minutes to ferment)                                                                                                
1/2 cup sugar (or a tad less if you like a less-sweet bread)
1/2 tsp. baking soda
5 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt (or more, if you like a salty bread!)

5+ cups all-purpose flour (I always use closer to 7 cups) 

Dissolve yeast in water with 1T sugar. Add all the remaining ingredients except for the flour.  Allow to rest for 5 minutes, til foamy.  

Add flour. Mix well.  Form into rolls immediately**, cover, and let rise for an hour. 

Bake at 350* for 15-20 minutes.  If you wish, brush with soft butter and sprinkle with a little extra salt when hot out of the oven.

**For a more yeasty roll, leave the dough to rise in your refrigerator overnight before forming the rolls, rising and baking.

This roll dough will keep in the fridge for up to a week.  It also makes great cinnamon roll dough!  

with all our wishes for a very  
Happy Thanksgiving!

The photos in this post are courtesy of The Church Cook,
my dear friend (with whom we'll be celebrating today!)


OliveTree said...

Fresh rolls! O happy day! I have this recipe too, and it IS wonderful. Glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving in America.

OliveTree said...

I just looked at your pie crust recipe. Do you know that LAST YEAR I got the toll house pie idea from you? I'd never heard of it, and this was the second year in a row we made it! :-)

us5 said...

that makes me smile! isn't it delicious?!? it's definitely a family tradition around here. :)