Friday, October 18, 2013

as good as used

Michael found a great bargain at the community garage sale last spring:
a pair of Adidas cleats for 75 pesos.
That's less than $2.

Unfortunately, the sole ripped off yesterday during after-school sports.

Fortunately, Mark knows where to take broken shoes.
In a society where labor is cheap, it's worth trying to fix almost anything.

Mark dropped the cleats off here at this counter at 11 this morning, 
and they said, 'Come back at 2.'

For just $2.50, the soles have been stitched to the uppers; not quite new,
but ready for miles more soccer action!
(And a whole lot less money than a new pair of cleats!)


Anonymous said...

Jesus taught us to be frugal and good stewards. This is a wow! story. Sadly, America is growing to be a "disposable" society. We are almost to the point of disposable cell phones and computers. Good luck with those cleats, Michael. Our appliance repair man told us last week to keep getting our Whirlpool electric drier fixed because they don't build them like that anymore. We will. Hank

Judy said...

I got on to make almost the same comments as Hank! That I always feel so guily throwing away clothes with holes in them or things that break. That wouldn't it be good if American culture was more into fixing things to make them useful for much longer? The generation from the depression knew how to do that!
I would keep that dryer Hank...seems like every new appliance we've bought in recent years works so much less efficiently or quits working the way it is supposed to. They really DON'T make things like they used to!!!

us5 said...

it's true; in America it often costs more to repair than to replace. and with a disposable income far higher than the world average, we've grown very used to filling our trash cans, haven't we?