Wednesday, March 12, 2014

traveling salesmen

She greeted me not far from my gate, bottles of shampoo piled in a box she clutched,
wondering if I would like to buy some?
Just what I was hoping to buy out on the street in front of my house.
Then again, maybe not. 

I'm ceaselessly amused by the items sold on the streets in this town.
Bottles of water, sunglasses, oranges, jewelry, stick brooms - 
I saw all of these being sold on the street just this morning.

The neighborhood corner (above) became a casual jacket shop for about a week.
It's gone now. Maybe next week they'll be selling stainless cookware.
But then, I guess could just visit this new neighborhood lot full of stainless kitchenware for sale...

Vendors (above) walk the streets daily from early morning til late at night,
 hawking food like rice porridge, sweet corn, balut and pandesal, or bread.

These venders (above and below) strategically park their ice cream carts
right outside of schools at the end of the school day.

Every American kid's dream;
an ice cream man at the school gate.

We've seen many like these sales guys above (and below).
They are

Yes.  Shoes.
Bet you could get a good deal - 
though whether they have your size or not is debatable.

 Or need those shoes repaired?
Sit down and visit awhile as they get stitched at the side of the road!

No city would be complete without 
a street vendor of saint dolls.

Forget your mattress at home?
No problem! 
This guy has got you covered.

 Family movie night?
I'll bet you could find Frozen for 50 cents here.
Yo ho ho...yes, they are pirated.

And if you need a quick snack after all that shopping,
you can buy a bag of boiled peanuts (above)

or pick up a fresh coconut or a sweet pineapple in a bag
at a portable storefront.

Who needs Walmart?


Judy said...

Necessity is the mother of invention right? They have to find some way to survive. Makes me thankful that we live in a society where we can have steady jobs and a steady income.

us5 said...

you're so right, Judy. there's no overhead when you sell on the street, so it can be income for anyone.

our nation has been so blessed economically, thanks - I think - to an early foundation of following Biblical principles.

thechurchcook said...

I will stop whining and complaining about my local store here right now. Whenever I need a dose of reality check, I visit here. :)