Thursday, August 21, 2014

new reasons to give thanks

The day came all too soon.
The day to pack up their belongings, and to drive Amy and Elise off to college.

 Last Friday, through a few tears, we loaded a friend's truck
and drove to campus where we joined the lines at the dorm.

 Student volunteers with big rolling carts
were poised to help the freshmen unload, and to move into their rooms.

This door (above) had Elise's and Amy's names on it;
the spot reserved for two sisters to make a new home together.
God provided them (thanks to scholarships!) with an beautiful dorm suite,
including a kitchen and their own bathroom.
They even have their own bedrooms...for the very first time in their lives!

 We had just enough time to help them move furniture around, 
eat lunch together, 
and give some long hugs.
Then us3 turned and walked out.

As I looked back with tears, 
I wondered why every other person I passed wasn't crying too.

And then I remembered that I've been blessed 
with something in these daughters of ours
that I can never take for granted.
I've been blessed with two sweet, loving relationships,
a family with countless, precious shared memories.
And it's because it's been so good
that it's so hard to be apart.

But Elise and Amy,
though home is just not the same without you,
I wouldn't want it any other way.

I thank God that you have the minds and strength,
the courage and the maturity
to open this new wonderful chapter of college!

As you tell us about new friends made, new ideas learned, new campus ministries enjoyed, I find new reasons to give thanks to God, as He proves Himself faithful to you.  It's my prayer that in this new place you will grow to know and trust Him like never before.  And we'll do the same here back at home, learning of His goodness in every new circumstance of life.

Your sheets are washed, and I'm already looking forward to your first visit back home, you2! 
As my friend J wondered, I also wonder if God the Father isn't equally eager for the day when His beloved children will be all together, at Home in His house.

Giving thanks,by grace alone...


thechurchcook said...

Hugs and more hugs! Always be us5! Love you all!

Rosalie said...

You are all immensely blessed!

The Girls said...

That was poignant and powerful. What grace you have in the letting go. I'm praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. Life's milestones: first day of kindergarten - the house is too quiet; moving them into their college dorm - a piece of your heart moves in with them. Hugs and best wishes to Amy and Elise.