Friday, September 26, 2014

unexpected harvest

One day our family took a boat ride out on a day's excursion to a tiny island in S.E. Asia.
It was Mark's birthday, and by his request we went hiking through the wilds of the island. 
The things we will do for one another in this family to celebrate milestones!  
 As we rounded a corner, I was surprised by the sight of this man, 
harvesting basket loads and boat loads
not of fish, 
but of fresh seaweed from the sea.

This boy's job was to sort and clean the seaweed
We never really know, do we, what kind of harvest God will bring from fields where we serve? 
In my limited perspective, my expectations of how He will work 
are far too confined for our amazing God. 
I expect fish every time, but there are other things He's harvesting.

If I would just stop and notice the good things He's growing,
right here and now,
I might not overlook the seaweed in expectation of the fish.

How many times do I pray for His hand to work in a situation,
but then neglect to see how He's doing good things, 
because I'm so focused in anticipation of the end result I desire?  
Or waiting for the solution that I expect?

His ways are not my ways.
His thoughts are not my thoughts.
But He holds back no good thing from those who fear Him. is faith he is looking for, a quiet confidence that whatever it is he is up to,
it will be a wonderful thing,
never mind whether it is what we have been asking for.   
- Elisabeth Elliot

What good thing is He growing in and around you today?


thechurchcook said...

beautiful images! His ways never disappoint.

Mark and Deb Ventrella said...

It was wonderful to see your sweet face and those of your family too celebrating your birthday. Happy belated birthday Barbara! I have been wondering how the transitions have been going with the girls in school. It looks like they are close enough to keep in nice contact which must be so nice for all of you. Blessings as you continue to transition and know and learn of God's continued faithfulness along the road of change. Boy, Michael is growing and changing too! It's a wondrous time with your kids. I went to a prayer meeting for adults for their older kids and it was held in your old house with Lorine hosting it and it was frankly wierd to be there and not see you and your things there. Transitions go for us all! know you are missed and loved from my little square of Asia! love, d.

us5 said...

hi Deb!! so fun to see you here! thanks for stopping by and leaving behind some encouragement...we miss you guys, too! ♥