Wednesday, October 22, 2014


"Are you all settled in?"
The question is in place of knowing what else to say to a family 
who has reappeared in the community after a long absence.
Settled in? 
Well yes, in terms of physically being settled in, it really didn't take us long,
 since we brought so little with us!

In other ways we feel a little less settled.
This house is our dwelling until the summer;
after that, we are waiting to see how and where God leads us.

Mark is on a learning curve as he begins his new work,
and we're all learning to adjust to a very different family dynamic with Amy and Elise at college.
Life here is good!  
It's not quite so varied and unique as it was in the Philippines,
so our blog posts have been few and far between.

But look soon for a new emphasis here at the blog, 
as we begin to focus a little more on the new work that we are doing, 
and on the people God is touching throughout the world.

 For today, just a quick update of what we've been up to in addition to our work...

Michael and Mark stormed the Dollar Tree for sheets of foam board,
commandeered the dining room,
and engineered new r/c airplanes during the lengthening evening hours.  

Then they flew those planes last month at an r/c event that they'd been looking forward to all year.

 Michael had the opportunity to help in a larger community build during the event
in which they actually flew a microwave.  
Ask him about it!  
Or watch a video about it here, in which you just might see Michael
 in a sped-up filming of the wing build!

As well as more riveting home school studies like Geometry, Grammar, and Geography,
Michael is also learning some Electronics during his first year of high school, 
mastering the soldering iron in his most recent lessons.

 Elise and Amy (above) are studying hard, making new friends, 
and learning the football culture of the south as they attend college football games
and participate in the RUF intramural flag football team.

 Meanwhile, Michael simultaneously learns about the football culture first-hand,
playing the season with a local Christian school's flag football team (above, Michael's #6).

The guys practice at the gorgeous Forsyth park in downtown Savannah...

where they played and prayed together, and enjoyed an undefeated season.
Way to go, guys!!

Amy and Elise with friends at a university fellowship retreat this month

God is good, and we're giving thanks for this season...
And i've been dabbling in watercolors...just for fun...

...settled in the unchanging, steadfast love and grace of God
which remains firm and sure despite all other change!

How precious is Your steadfast love, O God!
The children of mankind take refuge in the shadow of Your wings.
Psalm 36:7


Rosalie said...

Good to hear what's going on. Thanks for sharing Barb!

us5 said...

thanks for stopping by, Rosalie! ♥

thechurchcook said...

Proud owner of the original BR's water color! Flying Microwave: when love for food and aviation meet! Sounds like my marriage! :)

Janelle said...

Love the pictures!
So happy you guys are settled:)