Saturday, August 15, 2009

a jeepney is never full

A common saying in this part of the world is that a jeepney is never full. We think the one that we saw on the road today came pretty close. 

A jeepney is a cross between a taxi and a bus. Many of them run on regular routes, but no two jeepneys are alike - they each have their own personality! It's a nice way to get to and from one of the local malls where we grocery shop, but I'd wait for one that was not quite so full, thanks!

A typical jeepney ride costs 7 pesos per person - equal to about 14 cents. It's an economical way to travel, and it's fun!


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Elysa said...

I wish the Swazi ones were as colorful as this. Oh well, if they were, I might not be able to stand any more Swazi awesomeness and might literally burst!

Love you,
Your goofy missionary crazed friend