Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Strong Enough

"O my strength, I will sing praises to You; For God is my stronghold, the God who shows me lovingkindness." Psalm 59:17
Back in mid-May we packed and taped up seven boxes of books, tools, clothing and household items to send ahead of us to Davao. When we sealed up those seven boxes, we reinforced them with strips of tape running in all directions, in hopes that it would help to keep all of our personal belongings safe in their long journey across the ocean. As we worked, I kept thinking of our constant need for God's strong support, surrounding us with the strength and safety that we need.

We're giving thanks today that all seven taped-up boxes arrived here safely. We've been enjoying opening them up to get out items we'll need in the next few weeks - books for school, tools for work, and some personal items that are like a slice of home! The rest of it will go into a storage space here at the center until God provides us with a home that has a little more room.

And just as our boxes were kept safe, so we are kept secure in the strong care of our faithful Lord!


David said...

We just dropped of our containers to be shipped in a year, glad to see your's have made it safely!

Lori said...

Like "Christmas" in August, huh? Funny how "old" things when you haven't seen them for a while seem as wonderful as something new. Prayed for you this morning on my walk. May God continue to undergird you with HIS strength and fill you with HIS unfailing joy.

clgrant said...

So glad they weren't intercepted by pirates!

Rosalie said...

Michael looks handsome as usual.

Anonymous said...

Barbara, Thanks for the encouraging word from
the scriptures~Ps. 37:8

Cindy S.