Sunday, September 20, 2009

operation christmas outreach

This week we had the privilege of getting to help with preparations for a Christmas outreach event for the children of the neighborhood. The invitations were sent out last Friday for registration the next morning.
The response was amazing.
Early Saturday morning the children were lined up outside the gate, waiting and ready. Over 300 of them.

(We took some photos, but sadly we lost them between the camera and the computer.)

The organizers of the event have, based on information from the registration, bought supplies to pack gifts for each one of the children who registered for the event in early December. We had the joy of doing the fun part in helping to package the gifts!

We had an assembly-line going. We packed each bag with a pair of shoes, a water bottle, comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, a pen, a washcloth and towel, and the Biblical story of Christmas - in Cebuano.

We look forward to helping out at the outreach event, and to sharing more photos with you then!

Michael, Amy, Elise and Barbara A. (the administrative genius behind the outreach) pose with all the gifts we packed!
Thanks for letting us help, Barbara!

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