Tuesday, December 1, 2009

mama mia!

In all the rush to get our appliances purchased and delivered so that we could move into our new place, we both neglected to check the size of the oven. Oops. When it was delivered we found out that our new Italian-made gas oven was not quite big enough...

...to hold a standard-sized cookie sheet.

It was perfect for baking Thanksgiving pies, though, and it bakes beautifully. (And tiny cookie sheets are available!)

We are VERY thankful for our new Italian family member!

Here's that pie again. I didn't want to refrigerate it, since it would get cold and hard overnight. So, to protect it from being a midnight snack for the ants, we used a local trick; perching it on an overturned cup in a bowl of water.

We had a memorable Thanksgiving celebration with several other American families, but neglected to bring our camera along. You'll have to take our word for it that we were well-fed and enjoyed sharing the opportunity to give thanks together!

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Carl G. said...

Now you're cooking - congrats!