Friday, December 11, 2009

some like it cold

One thing that came as a surprise to us is that there are no hot water taps here. That means if you want hot water, you pull out the teapot.
The water in Davao IS safe to drink without filtering though - unlike in Manila. That's a HUGE blessing!

Initially we boiled water for washing dishes. (We haven't seen a dishwasher since we arrived.) But that becomes very time consuming. We now use an effective dish paste product that's fabulous on greasy or stuck-on food. Every once in awhile we still have the urge to wash dishes in warm water though. So we'll put the teapot on and remember the old days!

All of our neighbors hang their laundry out to dry.

So do we.
(Ours is in the foreground in the photo below.)

The difference is that most of them are washing their laundry by hand in a tub while we have the luxury of a washing machine (even though it is cold water wash only!).
Just doing our laundry makes me thankful these days.

We are also thankful for the water heater in our upstairs shower.
This unit is one you turn on manually when you want warm water. Even in a hot climate it's a real blessing to have the option of a warm shower.

"Wash me and I will be whiter than snow."
Psalm 51:7

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Heritage Clan said...

I will NEVER complain doing laundry, EVER!