Monday, April 19, 2010

to cap it off

Remember your old bottle cap collection?

Here's Michael's.
He worked for weeks, gathering a dozen or so each time he'd go running in the nearby cemetery with Mark. He'd find them as we walked down the street, and collected from friends who had sodas.

He'd wash them and sort them and count all 135 of them.

But all too soon it grew old, and he gave the lot to the recycle man the other day.


Anonymous said...

Oh so this is why Ewan has been collecting all those bottle caps! If Michael would like a purpose for collecting some more Dee is looking for lots to do an activity at the Mental Health Hospital.

The Church Cook said...

How much are they worth when you recycle them, Michael?

us5 said...

thanks! looks like there might be a new incentive for collecting! ;o)

us5 said...

Hi 'Aunt' Kay! Actually, I just gave them for free to the recycle man. He can use the extra pesos more than I can.