Thursday, April 29, 2010

around the block

Michael and I took a walk around the block the other day.
You can get a feel for our neighborhood by joining us for a look
at some of the photos we took along the way...

Papaya Tree

Sifting for things of value

A wall (like MANY in town) plastered with political posters.
(Nationwide elections will be May 10th)

A Banana tree! These ones are cooking bananas.

A squatter's makeshift dwelling. The roof is a big political poster.

A sari-sari, or neighborhood shop where you can buy small portions of candy, cleaning products, etc.

And our friends, Josanne and Michael.

We'd love for YOU to come and tour our neighborhood someday!
Come on over - we'll show you around!


Heritage Clan said...

I want to come!

us5 said...

we would be delighted to have you come!

Rosalie said...

Thanks for the tour!

us5 said...

i just wish it could have been in person, Rosalie! :o)

Rosalie said...

Me too! Miss you all.