Sunday, June 20, 2010

back again

After long last, here's finally a new post to update you. We still have no land-line at our house, and very little internet access. So you may not hear from us often til that's resolved. To obtain a phone line we must show a lease, but our landlord doesn't have an authorized version of the lease to copy for us yet. We are learning to wait.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos from last week. It was a busy time of packing the few boxes we had (thanks again, Gerald and Peggy, for those fabulous packing boxes!) and unpacking them at the house so we could take them back to the apartment and pack some more!

Michael disassembles beds to move to the house

Mark, Amy and Michael move the sofa from upstairs

Michael reassembling his sisters' beds

Michael's new bedroom!

Elise and Amy's cozy room, upstairs, across the hall from Michael's room

The "master" bedroom.
We were so thankful that the landlord had almost the whole house freshly painted for us.
We especially appreciated it in this bedroom which had been a bright neon green with a brown stripe. I wasn't sure I could sleep with that color around me!

Our family room.

While the rest of us worked on the move, Elise and Amy spent each morning last week helping at a VBS for MKs. Their main task was to help each group with the craft projects.

Here Amy runs the power point for the songs

Elise introduces the craft to the preschoolers

I (Barbara) even had the honor of popping in to

teach the Bible lesson on a couple of mornings.

Thanks for bearing with us! We look forward to being more fully connected again soon.
Happy Father's Day to all you dads!


Heritage Clan said...

Missed your posts! THANKS for the update!!

Rosalie said...

Thanks! Your house looks very nice and cozy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
The bedrooms look great I'm packing my suitcase and my dog, we'll be over in afew minutes. I'll bring the (popped) popcorn;) ~Candace

us5 said...

hooray, come on over, Candace! we miss you!