Friday, June 11, 2010

trading places

After 7 months in our little apartment, a house has become available for us!
It's even closer to the school and office, and it has much more space for the same rental price. For the past two days we've been doing intensive cleaning, and tomorrow we hope to begin the moving process.

Give thanks with us as you take a mini virtual tour of our new home...

Inside the gate is our lovely front garden...

The door on the left is our front entrance,
and a co-worker lives in the unit back behind on the right.
Josanne is on the very left, scrubbing and cleaning. She spent a lot of time with us the past two days, very eager to do all sorts of odd jobs.

Dayon! Come in!

The living area ceilings are high and airy - it's SO much brighter and cheerier than our cave-like apartment.

A view from the upstairs. Great color scheme, isn't it?

Everyone pitched in to help get things tidy.
Here Michael mops his bedroom floor, (yay! Michael now has windows in his bedroom)

...and our friend Bing helps to deep-clean the kitchen
(she was too shy to smile for the camera)

Look at that huge kitchen, and all of that storage space. We'll appreciate it all the more after the tiny kitchen we've had!

Elise scrubs spots off of the sliding glass door in the loft
(it leads to a spacious deck out front)

Our friend Alvi helped today, too.
She worked miracles getting the bathrooms clean!

Amy wipes down baseboards in the bedroom that she and Elise will share.
(can you still call them baseboards if they are just painted on?)

Jeremiah and a friend came to the gate this afternoon asking to cut the grass.
I told them I had no equipment for them to use, but that they could pull weeds.
In they came, and they pulled up a bunch of weeds.
Next thing I knew, they had whipped out a long knife and a scythe, and were "mowing" the grass!

Many hands make light work.
-John Heywood

Thanks to the many hands that pitched in and made the load lighter today!


Julie said...

Oh, it's lovely! I'm so happy for you.

Heritage Clan said...

Shriek! Oh, what a beautiful house!!! So thrilled for you all! Love the kitchen! It looks like it will be a wonderful gathering place for friends.

us5 said...

thanks for 'visiting' ladies! yes, it IS lovely, and we are so very thankful! and yes, we have lots more room now for visitors. come on over!

Carl G. said...

Woohoo - so happy for you!

Rosalie said...

Thanks for posting the photos! Very excited for you. Hope the move went well.

us5 said...

thanks, Carl and Rosalie! we are still in the process of moving, but we hope to sleep there tonight.

The Girls said...

I'm so thrilled for you all! What a beautiful, airy, sunny, spacious home...I love the garden, too! What a joy to see how eager your friends are to help. I love that you had that quote, "Many hands make light work." That's a favorite around here and we always add "my grandmother used to say!" when we say it, because she did...I's become a legend now anyway!