Sunday, August 8, 2010

county fair

This past Saturday we were invited to join three Filipino families for a day at the first ever Malagos Farm Fair. It was a fun day getting to know these families better, and to experience a Filipino Fair.

Below are lots of photos...we hope you'll enjoy them!

An enclosed jeepney was hired for the 1 hour ride;
another four adults and two children fit into the remaining seats beside Elise! There were 16 of us altogether, and we spent the ride talking, laughing and playing games.

I was so happy that sweet little Seth let me hold him for part of the ride. He was so quiet and content the whole day.

At the fair there was farm-fresh produce for sale like rambutan and lanzones,

and farm animals to see like these baby ostriches.
They were so fuzzy and cute!

New friends gather for a posed shot.

There were gourmet cooking demonstrations; several in a row on how to cook hot dogs.

Here's Michael with his octopus-cut hotdog sample. A little oil, a little garlic, a little sweet ketchup...(you would have loved it, Kay!)

The Animal Encounter Show was next.

It began with colorful, energetic native dancing. What gorgeous costumes!

Then came the animals; here's Blanca, the albino Water Buffalo. Also shown were horses, goats, chickens, and other birds.

The entrance fee included a buffet lunch; all you can eat BBQ Pork and Chicken, Rice, fruits and vegetables, Cokes, and this delicious roast beef.

The beef-spit was enormous!

After lunch Amy tried her hand at some basketball games,

and Michael hopped in the pool to join in a bare-handed fish catching competition armed with a little bit of advice on technique from our friends.
He didn't try too hard after the fish bit his foot...(!)

Then a good-ole' fashioned hay ride...Filipino-style!

And a final stop at the petting area where this nanny startled Amy by trying to leap the fence in her excitement over the grass Amy offered her!

Elise liked the Shetland pony and her foal.

We didn't get a whole group shot, but we had a great time with everyone. Thanks for the fun day, friends!


Heritage Clan said...

Shoot, I missed the hot dog cooking demo!!! Call me next time! Looks like you had a great fun! Love the family photo, good see all of you together! oxox

us5 said...

i know you would have learned a lot, Kay! ;o) we'll be sure to invite you next time!