Tuesday, June 28, 2011

we're back!

Michael, asleep on our bed at 4:00 in the afternoon

And Michael speaks for us all;
after an all-night flight
following 3 weeks away from home...

even The Energizer has stopped going.

But as soon as we catch a little sleep,
get on top of Mt. Laundry,
stock the fridge with food to re-fuel the family,
and sort through some of our thousands of photos,
(so you don't have to look at them ALL!!!)
we'll be sharing stories once again.

to all of you who prayed us through our trip!


Elysa said...

Praise God!

Rosalie said...

So glad to hear you're back safely! Love you all.

Diane said...

Thankful to hear that you are home safe and sound! It sounds like you have not lost your sense of humor despite your exhaustion. I look forward to hearing how prayers were answered through your photos and stories!

us5 said...

thanks, friends! ♥

Mrs. Cyndi Mullins said...

We have prayed for you daily and are rejoicing in your safe return! Can't wait to hear more of your trip and see those photos!

us5 said...

wow, thank you Cyndi, and all of your family...your prayers mean so much!

i tried to blog earlier today, but blogger was giving me grief - i'll try again tomorrow, but now it's time to sleep!