Friday, August 19, 2011

kadayawan attractions

It's time for the Kadayawan Festival in Davao once again.  
"Kadayawan" is a "warm, friendly word" used to explain a thing that is valuable, beautiful, or profitable.  The week-long festival is rooted in a ritual from years gone by, when ethnic tribes in this area would converge to give thanksgiving to the gods, 
especially to the "Manama," or the Supreme Being.

These days, the festival is officially promoted to celebrate the bountiful harvest of fruit, flowers, and other produce, while celebrating the wealth of cultures that meet in this city.
From parades and produce fairs...
to street dancing and talent competitions

This year, since Mark has been out of town on business, we took a less daring approach to joining the festivities.The kids and I visited a local mall, where Kadayawan displays and events were scheduled.

But I'm not feeling guilty for taking the easy way out.
Not after talking to two Filipina friends yesterday,
who both told me that they always enjoy Kadayawan events on TV,
rather than going out to battle the crowds!

At the mall we enjoyed native displays of art,

a native drummer...I mean, drum!

Local produce and plants; lots of photo ops for Elise's photography class!

displays of local crafts,

and musicians playing traditional instruments.

The colors and sounds were distinctly Filipino.

Adorable babies in native dress joined the celebration,

as well as sweet children,

and silly children!

The true irony was that WE were considered a unique attraction.
People wanted their photos taken with US,
the musicians wanted Michael to try the drums
and Amy to dance.
(Which she politely refused, saying she'd rather watch them do it...)

Elise and I escaped some of the spotlight by hiding behind our cameras.
Next time you'll have to bring a camera, too, Michael and Amy.

We give thanks to The Supreme Being, Lord God Almighty,
for all the goodness of the year;
for the bounty of provision He has supplied,
and for His creative genius displayed in  
all the cultures of the earth!

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Carl G. said...

Delighting with you in the grand profusion of God's gifts in and through every culture!