Monday, February 27, 2012

not your boring minivan

We're impressed with some of the unique ways to get around in the Philippines.

Forget pushing your garage door opener with me for a moment, 
and take a look at a variety of more exciting options...

 Like some of you, many will get to work today by pick-up...

...or by motorcycle.

Can anyone tell what they're bringing home for dinner on the back of this motorcycle?
We did a double-take, too!

Others travel by Caribou and cart...

...or in the family pedicab.

And there's always a plain ole' bicycle.

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, 
I no longer despair for the future of the human race. 
 ~H.G. Wells

The public jeepney is a low-cost transportation option at 8 pesos (20 cents) an adult.

Is the jeepney full?  
No problem!  
Just hop on the top!

Maybe ride a bicycle with a convenient sidecar if you need to haul large loads,

or for car-pooling purposes.

Or hire a tricycle for your morning ride to the office or school.

Isn't this more than enough 
to make you want to trade in 
your boring minivan??!??


OliveTree said...

I'm with you. Our Fiat is looking pretty boring!

thechurchcook said...

Fun post! :) Yeah...our mini van needs a trade for a little more excitement here.

The Girls said...

And we have how many cars in our driveway???? How innovative people are!

us5 said...

living without driving at all for almost 3 years has been freeing in many ways. i do like riding the jeepneys and pedicabs! i haven't hitched a ride in one of those bicycle side carts yet, though...

but in all truth, friends, i do miss my boring minivan, too. ;) i miss the freedom that comes with having my own transportation, and not having to ride with other people every time i travel somewhere. i'm looking forward to getting to drive again soon!