Saturday, February 11, 2012

short season

 It's soccer season for the high school girls, and Amy and Elise are enjoying the challenge of being back on the field. 

We are so thankful for their great coaches, and for this opportunity, even as part-time students, to be a part of the team!

Because the Filipino school year ends in March, the soccer season is a short one for these young ladies.  By the end of March there aren't any teams left to compete against.

That means it's an intense time of preparation and lots of games condensed into about 9 weeks.

Lots of practice time during the week means that these girls come home very hungry at dinner time.  No cutting back on carbs this month.

Amy coming out of a header  

Elise on offense

"Pressure? What pressure? Pressure is poor people in the world trying to feed their families. Working from dawn till dust just to feed their young. 
There is no pressure in football"
 - Jose Mourinho

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