Thursday, June 14, 2012

can't help but smile...

We've been smiling this week over so many things that have made us glad,
like toasted blueberry bagels,
hot water in the taps,
the luxury of deliciously warm dry clothes tumbling out of a dryer,
text messages and hugs from family,
red, juicy cherries,
and cozy blankets to snuggle under while we catch up on rest.

 Here are a few photos of other things that have made us smile...
Mark's mom generously planned a trip for us ladies to see
in an amazing production of Coppelia.

Mom, Mark's sister Amanda, Amy & Elise at the ballet

The music was lovely,
the set and costumes were gorgeous,
and the dancing and acting superb!
I think it was the most FUN ballet I've ever seen!

Thank you, Mom, for the very wonderful treat!

We're smiling over the times we've been able to enjoy the amazing beauty
here in the Pacific Northwest.
We went for a hike on Tuesday, despite the rain and cold,
and loved every minute!

Thank you, Amanda and Marcus, for helping us blaze the trail,
for borrowed shoes to wear,
and for the fun picnic lunch at the end!

How could we keep from smiling in the company of 
our sweet family - a few of Barbara's great-nephews and nieces!

Their little siblings were already in bed - sorry we didn't get more photos,
but you look great in some of the Filipino clothes we brought for you to try on, guys!

And their mom, Serena, made us smile as she
shared her photography skills with us,
taking some shots of our family.

We plan to share more of these with you soon!

Thank you, Serena!!

Michael, Amy & Marcus work on a mini-dam

More smiles as we watch our kids 
enjoy all this breath-taking nature with their cousin.

We hiked down to a beach today,
shivering in the chilly Seattle June,

Amy, Elise and Mark on a very different type of beach!

...smiling at all the green, 
all the fresh air,
the sound of trickling streams and of quiet.

Everywhere, signs of the goodness of God!

Time with more family,
to share about our work,
catch up on their news,

and feast on fabulous home-cooked meals,
enjoying amazing hospitality!

One of Barbara's sisters, Jean, with Amy & Elise

Thank you, Jean and Curt, for all the smiles!

A glad heart makes a cheerful face
Proverbs 15:13

We have every reason to be glad...
every reason to smile!

What's making you smile today?


Kay @ The Church Cook said...

Oh looks like you are having a wonderful and restful time!! And COLD air, what a nice change, eh? Love you all!

Rosalie said...

Love your photos, especially the beautiful one of you and Mark!!

Choate Family said...

Yes, yes, yes! Isn't life just a treat? Especially bagels and hot water :-)

Rachel Cori said...

Hurray! Thanks, Lord, for these blessings. What a happy post. Made me smile. Miss you.

us5 said...

love you, too! ♥

us5 said...

you've got one talented daughter-in-law! :)

us5 said...

:) i know you understand all the smiles!

us5 said...

i miss you, too, Rach! ♥ wish i could pass you a bagel!

Elysa said...

WOW! In that ballet picture, Mark's sister could be Elise's twin!

Rosalie said...

Yes, I do! She's amazing.

us5 said...

:) we hadn't heard that one before!