Wednesday, August 15, 2012

neighborhood tour

A couple of weeks ago we took you on a picture tour of our home.

Here's another picture tour...of our Filipino neighborhood!

 We start again outside the front gate of our home.
Most houses are gated here, and we're always happy to hear a friend at the gate!

 Turning toward the left the road runs into the next neighborhood.
Right here is where we can walk to catch a local jeepney to get around town.

Down the road to the right - 
there are lots of very nice homes on our street!

 A couple of our friends, Joel and Jasper, ride by on borrowed bicycles.

 Just down the street a few houses is a sari-sari store - 
 a spot where you might buy text minutes, 
a kilo of rice,
a small packet of laundry soap,
or maybe a Coke.
The store is attached to a home behind it, and run by the residents there.

 As you continue walking up the street a block,
you come to the corner store,
where they sell some fresh produce
in addition to the same things available at the sari-sari.

 Up by the neighborhood trash center,
a spot where we bring all of our garbage,
lives a family in this colorful shack,
constructed of odds and ends they've found in the trash cans.
This is Filipino ingenuity at work!

We're never quite sure what we'll see in our neighborhood.

We'd love to have the surprise of seeing you for a visit someday!

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