Wednesday, September 5, 2012

rest and be thankful

It's been such a blessing to be back here in Savannah...
a city originally planned in the early 1700's 
by General James Oglethorpe.

Walking through lovely City Market where horses and carriages are found for hire
Amy, Elise and a friend enjoy a stroll through downtown
 Oglethorpe laid the city out with streets surrounding a series of public squares.  
Twenty-two of the original twenty-four squares are still in use today.

We love walking through the shady streets and squares
beneath the sprawling live oak trees.
What a city full of beauty!

The Savannah River is another favorite spot we love to visit.
Mark and I splurged on ice cream cones down on River Street for our date night
as we watched the tug boats and ocean liners sail past.

Lady & Sons, I think?
Amy pauses near City Market by a gorgeous piece of iron work

We have fun memories of the historic Lucas Theater.
My most unique memory is that the theater bought our
upright piano before we moved to Davao in 2009!
(Hope you're enjoying it as much as we did!)

And then there are the local beaches. 
Ahh!  We spent a day back on our
favorite big, beautiful, sandy beach!

Amy, Molly Elizabeth and Elise do an impromptu photo shoot in our neighborhood
We've been enjoying our lovely neighborhood, too.

This golf cart is even 'stored' at the house we are staying in (!),
and Michael absolutely loves getting to drive it around!
(Okay, it's not just Michael who loves it! 
I never knew how much fun a golf cart could be!)

We can't express how refreshing all of this is.
Being with dear friends
in our familiar, beloved city.
We are so very thankful.
Rest and be thankful.  
-William Wordsworth


OliveTree said...

Happy resting! It certainly looks BEAUTIFUL!

The Girls said...

We're so glad that you're resting here in our fair city. It's so wonderful to have you back, even for a little while.

us5 said...

:smile: thank you!!! it's wonderful to be here!

us5 said...

isn't it lovely? i forgot how beautiful this city is...

Carl G. said...

So happy for you all!