Friday, September 21, 2012

what are we doing?

Back in February, we shared here some of what our home assignment would entail. 
It's not a vacation time for us, 
so why would we up and leave our work in S.E. Asia
to spend these months back in the U.S.?

The following are some of the things we are working to accomplish during our time here: 

*Helping our children to reconnect with their home culture.  Our children are getting to spend time with American peers, eat American food, go to an American youth group, buy some American clothes, and use American libraries.  They have been able to learn practical information about cars and housing and banking and colleges, and they've been able to re-learn basic skills like mowing the lawn, and using a vacuum cleaner and a dishwasher.  

Elise, Amy and Michael get some automotive introduction from Mark
We're loving peaches and boxed cereal, milk, deli meats and cheese!
Michael learns from Dad as Mark repairs a weed eater
Amy takes a turn mowing...
*Time for spiritual encouragement, reconnecting with family and friends, and service in our home country. We spent lots of time with our family the first month or so, and now have been reconnecting with so many dear friends here in the South.  It's been incredibly refreshing to sit under the sound of the Word - all in our own language!  And Mark has had opportunities to use his skills to help people here. 
*A time of training and preparation for our work in the future.  Mark is taking two courses, and I'm working on a study also that will help us to more effectively do the work God has given to us overseas.  I'm also homeschooling our children, who are into their 7th week of school now!

Mark spends a morning in study

Amy and Elise use Bananagrams to practice Tagalog vocabulary
Michael writes a history paper
Amy works through a Pre-Calc equation
*Continued long-distance service.  Both of us continue to do work related to S.E. Asia via email while we are here in the U.S.
*An opportunity to share about God's work in S.E. Asia.  We've shared with many families, individuals, Sunday School classes, our church leadership, and tomorrow at a Women's Brunch ♥  It's a privilege to tell you about the work that you've prayed for and encouraged for so long.
*A time to rest.  Yes, we are finding opportunities to enjoy time together, time to create, and time to enjoy the beauties around us.

Mark and Michael work a Dollar Tree puzzle!
Elise relaxes with a good library book
Amy has been writing and painting prolifically
Mark and Barbara celebrated their 19th anniversary with a bike trip on the beach...
it was absolutely fabulous!!
*A season in which we continue to live by faith in God's provision for us.  We don't have a paying job during our home assignment, since it's just another element of our regular work.  But we are experiencing God's continued faithfulness to provide for us through His people.  Thank you for partnering with us!


Judy said...

Love the photos! Looking forward to seeing you!

us5 said...

yay!!! we're looking forward to it, too! ♥

Anonymous said...

What a great update! Thank you and God bless.

OliveTree said...

This is a great way to share what home assignment is like. I think so many people have no idea. BLESSINGS AND GRACE to you as you home school on furlough. I know what that's like!

Choate Family said...

That's a beautiful description of furlough - well said, as usual :-)

us5 said...

thank YOU for stopping by, Hank! :)

us5 said...

thanks so much, Olive Tree. i know you 'get this!' ;)

us5 said...

:) hi Joanna!