Monday, December 10, 2012


Typhoon Bopha struck the island of Mindanao, where we live and work, last week, killing over 600, and leaving hundreds of others missing.  It's hauntingly reminiscent of the typhoon that struck the island just last December, leaving over 1,000 dead, and thousands more without homes.

The typhoon didn't touch the city where we live.  But our sweet friend and helper, Bebeng, saw her family out in Compostella, a rural area of Mindanao, lose everything in this typhoon.
Their house flooded, and the corrugated tin roof was blown completely off.  Their coconut and banana trees were demolished; their means of livelihood gone. Then the government evacuated the family, fearing the danger if a local dam would break with the heavy rain.
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By the time the family returned to their property, looters had been through, taking much of worth.  They were able to find enough roofing to cover a portion of the damaged home where they can sleep, but the rest of the roof was rusted and mangled by the winds.  Bebeng's parents and her widowed sister and six children are waiting in lines for food, wondering what is to become of them.

With no welfare system in place, no flood insurance policies or national assistance, this family, and hundreds of others like them, will borrow and make do and hope for others to help them.

Already people who know and love Bebeng in the city of Davao are reaching out to help.  It's an opportunity for the gospel to take on hands and feet for her family who don't know the Lord.  Pray with us that as help is distributed by the Body of Christ, that Bebeng's family would see the love of God toward them, and respond in faith. As deep as their material need is now, we know their greatest need is for the redemption that will last into eternity.


Judy said...

How very sad. What would be the best way for us to help them? Is Bebing a believer?

us5 said...

Bebeng is a believer, yes! thanks for thinking of how to help. i'll email you, Judy.

Kay @ The Church Cook said...

Let us know, too, how we can help Bebing's family!

Choate Family said...

Nothing like the body of Christ coming together to meet physical and spiritual needs!

OliveTree said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this tragedy. May God show Himself in this situation.

us5 said...

thanks to all of you both here and irl who have offered help. i KNOW Bebeng will be so very blessed!