Monday, December 19, 2011

a Christmas to forget

Her name was Washi, but she's also known as Sendong.  
She swept across this island of ours on Saturday night, 
and claimed almost 1,000 lives. (Source: BBC)

Many victims in coastal towns slept as she flashed into their homes at high tide,
washing them, and their entire villages out to sea.

Mass burials are being organized, 
and relief for tens of thousands of people in need of clean water, food and medicines.

Our home is in Davao, and we felt no effects of the flooding.

But we have friends who did, and they are deeply grateful 
to have only been flooded knee-high.

And we have friends who have family in flooded areas - one who was killed,
others who have simply lost

Is God really still in control?
We believe He is.
Even the winds and the waves obey His voice.
But please be praying for those who are facing 
a Christmas to forget.
People who have lost loved ones,
homes, whole villages,
everything they ever held dear on this earth.

Then hold those you love dearly a little closer this Christmas.
And give thanks...


Rosalie said...

So thankful you have been kept safe! Thankful that we are all in God's hands and that no matter what happens, we win.

Kay said...

We will be praying for your neighbors....and we will hold our loved ones a little closer.

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

Love your blog! It's a fresh perspective on culture... reminds me that the "norms" aren't really that normal to most of our friends back home!

Nice to meet you! Be blessed...

Jamie Jo said...

What a sobering post. My daughter was in the Philippines two years ago helping a family there, so it is a place dear to our hearts ever after. So sorry to hear of the devastation there.

Bless you this Christmas!

(I found you on the WOTH writer's blog)

us5 said...

welcome, Barkmans! thank you for visiting! :)

us5 said...

and thank you for visiting, too, Jamie Jo. the personal connections we have with a geographical place do make these tragic events all the more sad, don't they?

i've enjoyed lurking at your blogs via WOTH too...i'm truly honored that you stopped by.

Judy said...

The photo of the father(?) holding his lifeless little girl is heartbreaking.

us5 said...

i agree, Judy. also, when i read on the Barkman's (above) blog that her friend lost 5 family members, including her 11 year old son, that hit home, too - WE have an 11 year old son...

Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel...