Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It used to be that when we craved a taste of America, 
the best option was the local McDo's.  
(That's McDonalds for those of you in the U.S.)

But then Starbucks arrived in Davao,
and walking into Starbucks actually feels a little bit like walking back into the U.S.  
Once in awhile that's a comforting feeling.

Mark and I found ourselves there the other evening on our date night to share a frappucino.
Waiting in line, we browsed the sandwich options in the display case.   
It was a reminder that though this might feel like America,
we're definitely still in a foreign country.

Spam anyone?


Judy said...

How classy! Just what I'd expect of Starbucks!

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but I really like Spam. Once in a while I buy it, put it on bread with mayonnaise and lettuce and eat it. Yum! It is actually made from ham shoulder, not scraps.

Kay @ The Church Cook said...

THAT could be the next big rave at our Wed Noon Service lunch.....yep, totally.

us5 said...

now we know just what to feed you when you come for a visit, Hank! :D

us5 said...

i'll bet you're jealous... ;)

us5 said...

yep, totally! be prepared though, you'll probably run out since it'll be so popular.