Sunday, March 17, 2013

having a field day

The soccer field at the local international school 
was teeming with people early Friday morning for Field Day,
the annual pre-Spring Break event for elementary and middle school students.

Michael's favorite event is always the 1k. 
He had some tough competition from the other 7th & 8th grade boys 
(you can see that Michael on the right in his red t-shirt 
wasn't exactly the longest-legged man on the track)

But he still managed to come in first. (Way to go, Michael!!)
(He wishes they'd figure out a way to do a 5k,
but a student got lost out in the neighborhood a few years ago(!), 
and the on-campus options are pretty limited.)

The three-legged race was more of a challenge,
being paired with a friend who is a little bit taller...

photo thanks to Mrs. Shiel
The morning ended in an all-school relay
and Michael carried the baton over the finish line first for his team,
with his good friend J right behind him...
Way to go, guys!!

Michael with friends of all ages...
 The morning was a gift from God,
with bright sunshine,
great friends,
and strong, healthy bodies in competition
to the glory of God!

Every time I step on the field 
I will give everything I have...

-Tim Tebow


Choate Family said...

What a great combination of blessings - a beautiful day, strong healthy bodies, and great friends!

Anonymous said...

Future track star coming up! 2022 Olympic Games?

Anonymous said...

Oops. Above comment by Hank.

Lois said...

Yeah Michael! Way to go! Looks like fun!