Tuesday, March 26, 2013


just a few highlights of our spring break...

An intense Bananagrams competition at Starbucks...
lots of words, coffee, a quiet cool atmosphere...
what a fun way to kick-start our week off of school!

Then Amy and Elise hopped a plane and a bus for a very long trip up to Baguio
with their soccer team where they competed in ISAC,
a sports tournament for international schools in the country.
Elise in blue above

Amy, center

This beautiful group of young ladies brought home the 2nd place trophy
even though they represent by far the smallest school in the league.
 Congratulations, Faith!!

Meanwhile, we took a day trip with one of Michael's friends out to Paradise,
away from the heat and crush of the city.
What an amazingly beautiful place!
Mark, Michael and B play a game of beach Frisbee

Elise and Amy arrived home very early 
on Michael's birthday after traveling all night.
Lunchtime found us all at Army Navy, one of Michael's favorite eating spots.

And that evening we celebrated with 13 candles.
How did this boy get to be a teenager?!?!?

Happy Birthday, Michael!
May it be a year of growing in wisdom and stature,
 and in the knowledge of Christ!


Judy said...

That's what I say! THIRTEEN!!!
How did that happen???
Happy Birthday Michael!! Love, Auntie Judy

Judy said...

Congrats on your 2nd place win Amy and Elise!
Looks like a fun time!

Elise said...

Thank you! It WAS fun. :)

Kay @ The Church Cook said...

13!! Oh, Michael, Happy birthday!! And to the girls, too! :) Love you all!