Monday, April 8, 2013

like kids in a candy shop

Last Sunday afternoon some of us gathered at church for a card-making workshop.

We talked about the basics of design and color, and introduced stamping and lettering.

And then we acted like kids in a candy shop,

reveling in creating,

having fun sharing a task, and lots of exciting materials,

young and old, working together.

Not only did we create some beautiful cards,

we created beautiful memories!
Thank you, ladies, for a wonderful time.
Let's do it again sometime soon.


Kay @ The Church Cook said...

Wish I could have been there to learn from you! You make it look so easy. Looks like ladies had a wonderful time!! :)

Judy said...

How fun! When you share your special talents you reap blessings and joy as well! So glad you could be a blessing and be blessed in return!

us5 said...

Judy! one of their favorite items were 3-D stickers you'd given to us!! lots of pretty cards were made from those, and the ladies knew they came from you! ♥ very fun!