Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the order of the day

Jane Austen
 from Pride and Prejudice:

"I should like balls infinitely better,' she replied, 'if they were carried on in a different manner; 
but there is something insufferably tedious in the usual process of such a meeting.  
It would surely be much more rational if conversation instead of dancing were made the order of the day.'"

It's prom season in the US,
but that means banquet season here in Davao.

 This was Michael's first year to get to attend, 
and he was a good sport to pose with his sisters before they set off on their separate ways.

The guys had a back massage line going...
how did you get at the front of the line, Michael?

Try all you want guys,
these two ain't no angels.

Meanwhile the high school met for a masquerade banquet,

though the masks didn't seem to get much use...

Lots of games and laughter,
food and skits,
friends and memories,
and...oh yes, conversation
were the order of the day.


Kay @ The Church Cook said...

Ooops. Anna was signed in...
Looks like wonderful time had by all! And Michael went too?! How wonderful!

Rosalie said...

Thanks for posting. This was fun to see!

Judy said...

Great fun! Handsome son and beautiful daughters!