Wednesday, July 3, 2013

all fear is gone

Today I sat in the chair as my new dentist cleaned my teeth.
Yes, in these parts the dentist does that job.

As I sat, I realized how tense I had become; 
my fists were clenched, and even my toes felt taut.
It was then that my dentist began to sing out
 her voice muffled just a bit behind her mask:
"Because He lives,
I can face tomorrow,
because He lives,
all fear is gone..."

As she continued to sing,
I smiled somewhere between the suction tube and the clamps stretching my mouth wide,
that God had inspired my Filipina dentist to remind me
right there in the chair, to relax and trust Him.

Have you ever been surprised by the tools God has used to remind you to trust?


OliveTree said...

Oh, this is encouragement for me because I have to go to the dentist soon, and I HATE going! Because He lives, I can face whatever awaits me in that chair! :-)

Rosalie said...

I had a similar experience once. My dentist must have sensed my anxiety and he started to softly hum, "Turn your eyes upon Jesus." It was nice.

us5 said...

:) hope you can even find joy in the moments you spend there, OT!

us5 said...

wow! that's pretty fun that you've had a similar experience! :)

Kay @ The Church Cook said...

oh, I love this so much!! How gracious our Lord for such encouragement for you!

Anonymous said...

I love it! That song was Emmeline's favorite song, and we were gathered around her bed singing it at what would have been about 12:30 a.m. on July 3 Philippine time, just after she went Home. The same day you wrote that post!