Monday, July 1, 2013

traffic safety

 4 year-old Michael buckled up
 Back in 2004, this kind of safety standard 
was the norm for our family.

Now we think nothing of seeing scenes like this every day:

 And strict safety precautions are not limited to children in the Philippines...

Yes, they are riding in the back of a pickup on plastic lawn chairs. 

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.
-Helen Keller


Becky Burton said...

What a fun collection of photos, Barbara! I see that all the time too but unfortunately have gotten "past" the stage of taking pictures. Sayang! Thanks for sharing these --and the quote by Helen Keller too, which is encouraging during this our current 'adventure' of surgery in Manila. --Becky

Judy said...

What I'd like to see are some statistics on accidents- injuries, fatalities etc. compared with the USA!

us5 said...

thanks, Becky! we're all praying here for Scott - today, and we'll continue! praying for you, too...♥

us5 said...

it's just not apples to apples Judy... here because we have all sorts of vehicles (motorized and people-powered) the traffic flows very slowly, and we honestly see very few accidents. people are used to (what to us are) non-traditional vehicles on the road, and everyone is pretty patient and accommodating with one another! :)