Thursday, August 15, 2013

groggy mornings and geckos

Somehow at our house, early groggy mornings
and fat pink geckos seem to go together.

This one startled me out of my sleepy-eyed state
and simultaneously convicted me about leaving dishes in the sink overnight...
even if they are soaking in hot soapy water.

He was not in the best of health,
and really didn't budge much at all when I reached into the sink to start washing the knife.

That's when I drew the line,
and decided to wait for my knight in shining armor (aka Mark)
who valiantly drove the beast from our home.
(Thank you, Sir Mark!!)

Once again, this gecko reminds me to choose to give thanks;
1. thanks that it wasn't a bigger or hairier something
2. thanks that we have an indoor sink with running water for geckos to hang out in
3. thanks that I have a brave and kind husband, willing to rescue me from unpleasantness
4. thanks that this isn't a regular occurrence in our home

What are you giving thanks for today?


Betsy Cruz said...

Barbara, today I gave thanks for a birthday celebration for a special Turkish sister, a big crowd and my house. And my kids getting baptized tomorrow.

(And I remember fondly my gecko buddies from El Salvador!)

Diane G said...

Today I give thanks for the beautiful weather during our annual family reunion picnic with cousins from my mother's side of the family. We've had previous picnics during which we either roasted or "froze." (The latter being in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.) Interestingly enough, one of my cousins showed me photos of her son's pet, a gecko!

Judy said...

Yikes! Well, at least it wasn't in your teapot this time! Geckos always remind me of my 10th grade biology class. We had to have some sort of science project with a partner. My friend thought it would be fun to have a chameleon and a gecko so we had those in a cage in the classroom. But somehow they escaped one day. And if I remember correctly they were missing for days..and didn't survive. I never touched them...I let her do that!

Anonymous said...

That critter looks like he would be excellent fish bait.

us5 said...

next time we catch one, we'll send him to you, Hank, so you can go fishing! ;)

us5 said...

hooray! what great reasons to give thanks! thanks for sharing, Betsy!

us5 said...

i'll bet that her son's gecko isn't as pretty as ours was. (just kidding!) so glad your picnic day was so lovely!

us5 said...

yes! no more geckos in the teapot! though i still do check...every morning. even if i'm very groggy!

hm...was your gecko as cute as ours? if your chameleon and gecko had escaped in my house, they probably could have survived for months on the lam, just eating all of our ants... ;)

Kay @ The Church Cook said...

You and these geckos need to stop meeting like this early morning....really!