Saturday, January 22, 2011

gecko infusion

I opened the lid of my electric teapot at lunchtime
to find the remains of a fat, pink, drowned gecko.
It wasn't pretty.

And the really troubling part of it was
that I had stumbled out to the kitchen early that morning,
flipped the switch and boiled water for my morning cuppa tea
without looking inside.

Yes, you are thinking what I was thinking.
"Was the gecko inside when she made that tea?!?"
Well, I'll never know for sure,
but geckos are most active at night.

I grabbed the pot and headed for the yard

while my mind reeled with what I should do.

No, not with the remains -
those I dumped unceremoniously in the back corner of the garden.

But what should I do?
How will I respond to this intrusion of my teapot?!??

I mean, this is disgusting.

After taking a few deep breaths,
and because God is patiently teaching me to accept His gifts with more grace,
I chose to give thanks.

1. thanks that it wasn't a bigger or hairier something
2. thanks that I actually own an electric teapot for things to drown in
3. thanks that i hadn't been stricken with illness from gecko-infused tea
4. thanks that this isn't a regular occurrence in our home

what are you choosing to give thanks for today?


Rosalie said...

Great attitude, Barb! We all have so many things to be very grateful for. Our God is so good.

{Ashleigh} said...

Yikes! It sounds like you took it well. I think I would have screamed or fainted or both. Thank-you for the sweet comment you left on my blog.

Judy said...

EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! But seriously..........
Could be a stroke of genius--you could start your own company "Pink Gecko Tea". Sounds pretty filthy sick.*
Betcha you'll be rinsing and refilling that pot each time you use it now!

*Slang for super cool(in case you didn't know)

us5 said...

God IS so good! amen!

no, Judy, i DIDN'T know that *pretty filthy sick* means *super cool*. sounds like something only a mother of teen boys would know. and just a wee bit distorted?

i kinda like it though...'pink gecko tea.' if i ever have a tea shop i'll consider it. ;o)

Carl G. said...

I think you need gecko insurance... or is it GEICO? I can't keep it straight!