Monday, January 6, 2014

sleeping on the job

The New Year begins here with lots of noise right at midnight;
car horns honking, spoons banging on metal gates, flares rising in lieu of banned fireworks,
pots and pans clashing in symphony with store-bought noise makers.

But once the burst of celebration quiets, the whole city seems to be lulled into a few days of sleepiness.  Businesses close, store shelves lie unstocked, and much of the normal city activity comes to a halt in recognition of the beginning of the New Year.

Down the street, even the local builders take time off,
and only the 24-hour guard remains,
making sure that what has been entrusted to him is well protected.

This New Year is a gift from God.
May I intentionally guard these days that have been entrusted to me,
 alert to opportunities to glorify and enjoy Him!

“God is glorified not only by His glory’s being seen, 
but by its being rejoiced in.”
-Jonathan Edwards

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Betsy Cruz said...

Amen! Love your Jonathan Edwards quote. I just finished my one page summary of 2013 this afternoon. Now on to consider 2014!