Saturday, February 22, 2014

my presence will go with you

A few weeks ago we asked you to pray for Mark as he began a new project. The time has finally drawn to a close, and the project has wrapped up for the time being. Thank you to all who prayed.

During these 3 1/2 weeks, Mark has been serving at a workshop in another S.E. Asian country, and as you read this, he'll be on his way home, back to Davao, back to us. It was a productive and exciting time of sharing new skills that will promote the Word of God in this region of the world.  

Though we've missed Mark very much,
and are delighted that we'll soon be all back under one roof again,
it is also truly a privilege to know that in a small way we've been able, by "letting him go," 
to contribute just a little in the good things that God has done as a result of this workshop.

Mark and fellow staff-members tumble out of the closely packed van for work
I've tasted a bit of the bitterness of stress and worry during Mark's absence, 
as I allowed fears about the future to seep in at the corners of my heart.

 I share that not to make you worry,
but to accent the goodness of God in using His Word,
(written and preached - how thankful I am for access to sermons on the internet!)
the prayers of God's people,
and time in His presence 
to calm my anxiety and cause me to once again put my hope in HIM.

For I, the LORD your God, hold your right hand; 
it is I who say to you,
 “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”
Isaiah 41:13

Mark took the above photo on one of his many early morning runs during his time away.

I love the composition.

It gives me pause in my concerns about the uncertainties 
that lie ahead for our family in the coming year.
The mysterious morning fog completely hides the horizon;
there's no glimpse of what lies beyond the haze.

But there's serenity and placid stillness right here, 
in this spot.

Despite what lies beyond our line of vision for the upcoming year,
right here, in the presence of God,
there is peace.
 So this is where I choose to stay through the coming changes;
in His presence.

And He said, 
My presence will go with you, 
and I will give you rest.” 
Exodus 33:14

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Rosalie said...

That's good, Barb. Secret things belong to the Lord. But we know His record: He's never failed, He's always been faithful.