Wednesday, February 12, 2014

the end of wisdom

Dra. Kim and Elise after the surgery
Saturday morning marked the end of wisdom.
The end of two of Elise's impacted wisdom teeth that is.
Doctora Kim extracted them using local anesthesia.
The procedure took about 3 hours, 7 sutures, 9 shots, and one brave patient.

It helped enormously that Dra. Kim was so cheerful and confident.
She even made Elise laugh as she joked with her assistants in Tagalog.
She doesn't look old enough to do this job,
but she did famously.

After the procedure, 
Dra. Kim told Elise that this was Elise's early birthday present!
(Though it didn't come free...)

all that swelling even LOOKS painful!
Elise is doing well, with slow but sure recovery.
She's dealt with the normal swelling and pain,
soft foods and slower pace required by this surgery.

Thanks to all who prayed for Elise (and for her mom!) through the surgery.
There's somehow a feeling of vulnerability when doing something like this in a culture that's not your own, as you aren't completely sure if you're communicating accurately, 
and when the expectations of how it would be done in your own culture can't be expected!

But again, we are very thankful for good medical care!
And Elise is thankful it's over.


Betsy Cruz said...

Three hours! You're right! The doctor doesn't look nearly old enough! (It's the Asian mystique. I'm sure at 50, she'll look a mere 35...)

Rosalie said...

Brave girl! Glad she's recovering nicely.

Anonymous said...

What a brave girl - and a good doctor. I had mine out at age 22 while serving as a Navy officer on a large warship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Navy dentist did not really believe in the necessity of anesthesia - so he didn't use any. I will never forget the little crowbar and hammer he used to fracture each tooth before he extracted it. I passed out in the chair from the pain but they awakened me with smelling salts and continued. At least it was quick and it was free. He then chewed me out for not eating breakfast prior!

us5 said...

HANK!!! WHAT a story!!! after Elise read it, she told me, "I have NOTHING to complain about!" thanks for helping put the pain in perspective. :) i'll bet you didn't get much time off for recovery, either! :eek: