Friday, June 20, 2014

18 x's 2

Yesterday we celebrated Amy and Elise's 18th birthday.

 After a yummy breakfast Mark whisked them off 
to the DMV where they each obtained a driver's permit.  
Such an easy process once you're 18.

 Then the rest of us met up to hike down to the base of Snoqualmie Falls,
a majestic spot here in the Northwest.
together with Barbara's sister and nephew at the falls

 God gave us the gift of gorgeous sunshine,
and precious time with loved ones as we hiked,
picnicked together at the top,
and  later shared a delicious birthday dinner and cake.
(Thank you, Judy, for all your love to make it such a special day!)
We thank God for His gift to us of Amy and Elise.
You two have blessed our lives in countless ways.
We're delighted in each of you, 
and so thankful for every day of every year we've had with you!
The Lord bless and keep you in all the days ahead...
It was also the anniversary of the day Mark asked me to marry him...
21 years ago!
Yes, Mark - I'd say YES all over again!


Anonymous said...

We cannot believe Amy and Elise are 18. They are "supposed" to be 9 or 10 and Michael about 5 - and now the girls are going off to college. Wow!
Congrats. Hank n Jane

Anna Heritage said...

♥♥♥ Many wonderful reasons to give thanks this day! Love you all!!♥♥♥ Happy Birthday and Anniversary, Us5!!

Janelle said...

Happy Birthday Amy and Elise!!!
I'm so so excited to SEE you on friday!!!
i love you!! Hoped you had a fun time at the graduation party :)