Wednesday, June 11, 2014

yes, we're here!

Do you remember the Shire, Mr. Frodo? It'll be spring soon and the orchards will be in blossom, and the birds will be nesting in the hazel thicket. And the whistle in the summer barley in the Lower fields. And eating the first of the strawberries with cream. 
Do you remember the taste of strawberries?

It's been over two weeks now since we landed in Seattle
and tasted strawberries again.
Jet lag, a tough trip, sickness, and exhausted minds and bodies from all that went before
left us very thankful for the loving welcome of family and for time to rest and be quiet.

Mark and his sister on a hike at Wallace Falls
Amy pulls out her watercolors
We've enjoyed time outdoors in some beautiful Seattle sunshine
breathing deeply of the cool, dry air.

Mark found and bought a car which we plan to drive cross-country in coming weeks
while Elise and Amy are studying a drivers manual in anticipation of learning to drive.

We've made intrepid forays into American grocery stores, 
stocked with more food options than seems believable.

Mark and Michael doing minor repairs to our 'new' Taurus
 Amy and Elise (below) flew to the east coast days after landing here,
where sweet friends cared for them,
(THANK YOU, G family!!)

and took them to the Student Orientation and Registration session
at the university they will attend this fall.
(They were gone just 5 days, and are back in Seattle again with us now!)

Thanks for the photo of Amy and Elise at Orientation, MEG! 
And Michael's been enjoying good cousin-time.
They've done some r/c building together, and went for a maiden flight this afternoon.

 Now that we've had time to rest, and to acclimatize back into American culture,
we're looking forward to spending time with more family and friends here in the NW.  

For any of you in the area who would like to get together, let's do it soon!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We do hope we can see you during your cross-country but will understand if we cannot, as we are not exactly on the beaten path. We do have a new boat. It can haul 12 - so bring some friends. Luv u all, Hank n Jane

us5 said...

wow, thank you, Hank and Jane! you know that your house is one of our favorite places. ♥ we actually will be spending time in Dallas on our way, so we'll contact you about the possibility of swinging your way afterward. Michael's curious to check out your new boat! :)