Monday, March 16, 2015

pull up a chair

When our children were small, 
they loved to come into the kitchen to help me.

They'd drag a chair over to the counter,
and they'd dump in the ingredients I measured out,
stir for a few minutes until their little arms got tired,
and then hop down to go and play while the food simmered and cooked.

2002 - the 3 junior associates helping in the kitchen

God lets us do the same thing.
He's measuring, working, preparing the feast,
tirelessly providing the direction and the materials
and graciously allowing us to pull up a chair
and have a hand in what He's up to
as He makes His Word known throughout the world.

He summons us to cooperation.   
We are honored in being given the opportunity to participate in His good deeds.   
Remember how He asked for help in performing His miracles.   
Fill the water pots, stretch out your hand, distribute the loaves.  
-Elisabeth Elliot

...for it is GOD who works in you, 
both to will and to work for His good pleasure.
Philippians 2:13


Rosalie said...

Good thoughts! :)

Rosalie said...

and very cute photo!

thechurchcook said...

LOVE the photo of the children! And too often I think that I'm the chef/recipe developer and know-it-all, and He is the sous chef.....

Judy said...

Love that analogy! Sometimes we think what we are doing is so big and important...but God is so much bigger and in total control! He doesn't need us, but chooses to use us in His plans.
The photo is just delightful! It makes me sad though too...those years flew by so fast and here Michael is almost 15!!! How can it be??? Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

It seems like only yesterday…
Hank n Jane

Choate Family said...

Needed that analogy - thanks for sharing!

us5 said...

hey Joanna! good to 'see' you here! i need to hop over and catch up with you all! :)