Tuesday, March 10, 2015

two worlds meet

 In 2010 we first began attending this little church under a mango tree
in Davao City.  
We never even dreamed that just 5 years later 
the pastor and his wife would be sponsored to join us in our home church 
here in Savannah for a missions conference!

Michael, Amy, Elise, Mark, Barbara, Cathy and Vic at the Missions Conference
 What a sweet week it was, having them in our home,
introducing our dear friends from the Philippines
to dear friends here.

 Cathy visited the girls at college, 
and we brought them home to share the joy for the weekend.

 We were so blessed to have you in our home, Vic and Cathy...
the meeting of our worlds.
God go with you as you continue to bring His Word to your people!


Rosalie said...


thechurchcook said...

Truly, two worlds met! So happy to have met Vic and Cathy!

us5 said...

so happy they could meet YOU, too, Kay! ♥