Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Summer is a season of celebration in our family, as 3 out of us5 have birthdays,
and then of course, our home nation celebrates its birthday too!

left: Elise and Amy celebrate their 19th(!)  middle: Mark celebrates a few days later  right: July 4th

The birthday candles and the sparklers twinkle in the darkness, and I think about how much joy and wonderful good there is right here in the middle of being a family together. 

These celebrations are mile markers; reminders to look back with thanksgiving, grateful to the God of life, the One Who gives each breath, each smile!  And reminders to look forward with hope, to trust Him for the year ahead, full of unknowns, and full of opportunities to see His hand at work, faithful as the years are long!

center: Michael, Amy and Elise drive off to a day of work at camp   sides: Elise's sparkler photos

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Choate Family said...

"Full of opportunities to see His hand at work..." I think that paragraph is going to be copied into my journal. Love your perspective!