Monday, August 10, 2015

times and places

"Our Father refreshes us on the journey with some pleasant inns, 
but will not encourage us to mistake them for home."
-C.S. Lewis
The time came for us to move on from the "pleasant inn" on Isle of Hope in Savannah.  Time for Mark to come and join the rest of his team at the Seed Company in Arlington TX, an affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

One week before our move, Michael had an ER visit that resulted in a well-bandaged hand.  He still managed to fly his R/C craft single-handedly (below left), and to help out with the move.  We're so thankful for friends who came alongside to help us in the fray! M&R (below right) showed us so much kindness, including bringing a wonderful dinner our way on a busy night of packing. 

Other friends just came by to spend time, and lend moral support and encouragement!

On the day of the move, Monday the 3rd, a crew of willing help arrived, and loaded that truck in no time flat.  I wish I had a photo of everyone who helped; some with loading, some with cleaning, others provided fabulous food and encouragement!  We were so incredibly blessed by the support.

The first leg of our journey took us to Statesboro, where we stayed for a couple of days to help Amy and Elise get settled in their home for the year. (Above left, Michael helps them hang blinds.) On the road there, I was encouraged by the panoramic picture of hope the Father spread across the sky.  In the midst of the clouds, the brilliant rays of light shone through. (above, top) Moving again, far from so many we love is hard, but He is good, and He brings joy out of the darkness! He lovingly gave Amy and Elise a picture of hope of their very own - outside their back door, on a mostly dead rose bush, bloomed one single bud.  Though we're separated, He's given them a place and time to grow and flourish.

All too soon it was time to do a final pack and say our goodbyes.  I am convinced that God's people were praying for us, because He gave us calm hearts that morning, and a sense of peace through the parting.  THANK you to all of you who prayed.
After two days on the road, Mark driving the U haul (above top, through Shreveport), and I following in the Taurus, sharing Michael's company back and forth, we arrived in Dallas.  Now we're moved into our temporary home (above), a Wycliffe rental property, and thankful for God's care and provision through the journey!

"... He determined the times set for them
and the exact places where they should live."

Acts 17:26, NIV

Though we haven't moved back overseas, we are still just as active in supporting the work of Bible translation world-wide.  Mark began work again today in Technology Support, providing technical help to accelerate the work of making God's Word available in every language. What an honor it is to have a small part in God's work to bring all tribes and nations to Himself.  We are deeply grateful to all of you who encourage us in this work! 


Carl said...

Our prayers continue to be with you as you adjust to Texas. I hope they don't still require you to get a pickup with a gun rack ;-)


Anonymous said...

And the adventure continues! You are in our prayers.
Hank n Jane

us5 said...

:) thanks ya'll!!

Rosalie said...

Thank you for sharing these updates, thoughts and photos!