Thursday, September 17, 2015

smoking the gospels

Gambarambi sat on the roadside near his home in Zimbabwe, talking with friends and smoking his hand-rolled cigarettes.  A Bible translator wanted to give a copy of the New Testament in the local language to Gamabarmbi.  Gambarambi just laughed and said it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to give him a Bible.  He would just tear the perfectly thin pages out and use them to roll more cigarettes.

This presented a quandary for the translator. He knew Gambarambi needed to read about Jesus, but he didn’t want the New Testament turned into cigarettes. As he prayed about it, he came up with an idea.

The translator told Gambarambi that he could use the pages of the New Testament for cigarettes, but only after reading each page.  Recognizing a free source for quality cigarette paper, Gambarambi readily agreed.

Fifteen years later, at a United Bible Society Meeting in Zimbabwe, Gambarmabi stood up to speak.  As he looked over the audience, he spotted the translator who had given him free cigarette paper. 

Gambarambi told the audience about the agreement he had made with the translator. He said, 
“I smoked Matthew, 
I smoked Mark, 
I smoked Luke, 
and I smoked John 
until I got to John 3:16 
and then I could smoke no more!”

Now, instead of smoking the Gospel, 
Gambarambi is preaching the Gospel.

*Taken from a story at 

The unfolding of Your words gives light; 
Psalm 119:130


thechurchcook said...

What a wonderful story! Wow!

Diane G said...

The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways! Thanks for sharing this!

Choate Family said...

Our neighbors love the Bibles for the cigarette paper, too. I'll have to remember that line about having to read the Bible before they can smoke it. Thanks for sharing!

Rosalie said...

This is great!

Carl said...

Talk about ingesting the Word!