Thursday, November 19, 2009

another beautiful bunch

It's been a rough week as 4 out of 5 of us was hit hard with the flu. Meanwhile it fell on Mark's shoulders to bear the load of many details for our move.

Sweet Filipino co-workers heard of our illness and appeared at the door today bearing this beautiful bunch of fruit - bananas and a papaya - as a get-well gift.

What an encouragement! In our weakness God proves Himself strong through the ministry of His people.


Rosalie said...

So glad you've been encouraged. Hope you're all completely well soon and able to enjoy getting settled in your "inn."

us5 said...

Thanks, Rosalie! We are slowly regaining strength.

Carl said...

Happy new digs!

Anonymous said...

hope you get well fast! i got both shots for both flus, but we think Andrew got the Swine flu.
the flu really knocks you down.


us5 said...

Thanks, Nathaniel. You were smart to get the shots. This flu took a long time to recover from. We're finally feeling better...and will be back to post soon!